10 Questions for the President of DeRisk IT

Note: DeRisk IT is now known as DeRisk QA.

Posted in DeRisk QA News Lann Stewart, President of DeRisk QA

Lann Stewart, President of DeRisk IT, recently sat down with his employees for a question and answer (Q&A) session. The goal of this Q&A session was for employees to gain insight into Stewart's management process, experience in the field, and leadership ability.

Q: What were your previous job experiences?

A: I started out in the education field. I then moved into finance where I ran a sales team of thirty individuals. My experience comes from years of management in many realms - from the management of sales where it all begins, through the end result of the product/service being delivered. My experience in management is beginning to end.

Q: How did you get your current job?

A: I was working for a competitor of DeRisk IT when DeRisk IT approached me about working for them as a national sales director. I was comfortable where I was until I met the management team at DeRisk IT. I then realized what a dynamic and exciting company it was and decided to make the change.

Q: What are your aspirations?

A: I am probably one of the few business owners that will say I don't want to become a millionaire. That would be nice, but I believe in steady, reliable growth of product and service. Too much too fast is not my style. I want to continue the growth of this company with the same principles I adopted from my mentors - build it right and you don't have to continually worry if it will survive.

Q: What do you value in this job?

A: My staff. We are a family-based company. I am responsible for making sure the children of my employees have a good meal and a safe home. Running a company is about more than just making money.

Q: Where do you fit in the greater office power structure?

A: I try to lead by example. When I was in the Navy, we valued the Chief Petty Officers with a long past of being in the trenches. I learned that you have to show you are willing to go the extra mile if you want your team to do it also.

Q: What kind of relationship do you have with your boss?

A: My boss? Wow…every good thing I have learned about the corporate world is because of Eddie Clark [CEO of DeRisk IT]. He is the one that believed in me and molded me to what I am today in business. He is more than a boss, he is a friend and mentor.

Q: Do you advocate for your staff (ex. do you push for promotions)?

A: This is a double-edged sword. I simply want everyone to do their very best - not 110%, but 100%. Promotions are mainly viewed as title changes; I have met many people that had a fancy title and didn’t know what they were doing. A good boss doesn’t need to throw out titles to employees; he shows them through recognition and salary what they mean to him.

Q: What is your management style?

A: Lead by example. Believe in what you say.

Q: What do you value most in your direct reports (ex. creativity, efficiency, detail)?

A: Creativity that can be used productively, and passion that is exercised. Put passion and creativity together, and you can do anything.

Q: What matters most outside of work?

A: The smile on my two daughters' faces!