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University of Alabama

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Micro Focus Products
Micro Focus
  • Atlas
  • Caliber
  • Silk Test

The collaborative, flexible, agile requirements & delivery platform.

Why choose Atlas?

  • Eliminates confusion between business teams and Agile teams
  • Enables synchronization between product teams and agile teams
  • Creates collaborative & responsive SDLC with real-time delivery status

  • Features for the requirements lifecycle

  • Gather Capture your ideas through concepts within collections
  • Define Organize and structure your work into requirements
  • Plan Prioritize and plan your requirements
  • Track Track your requirements delivery process
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    Manage Agile requirements through visualization and collaboration.

    Why choose Caliber?

  • Ensures compliance and alignment of development to your business needs
  • Facilitates stakeholder collaboration, rich visualization, robust management, and traceability of requirements to Agile delivery plans
  • Enables you to deliver software with greater precision

  • Features of Caliber

  • Requirements management Capture requirements with Caliber's rich authoring tools and manage the requirements with version control, traceability, impact analysis, and requirement reuse.
  • Requirements visualization Visualize requirements as interactive, testable user flows to increase clarity and precision.
  • Traceability and real-time impact analysis Caliber provides automatic generation and reporting of customized trace tables.
  • Collaboration and review Facilitate collaboration across business stakeholders with Caliber Review.
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    Automated functional and regression testing for enterprise software applications.

    Why choose Silk Test?

  • Enables users to test applications more effectively with lower complexity and cost in comparison to other functional testing tools on the market.
  • Allows business stakeholders, QA engineers, and developers to contribute to the whole automation testing process, which drives collaboration and increases the effectiveness of software testing.

  • Features of Silk Test

  • Cross Browser Testing Easily verify the functionality of even the most advanced web application across a variety of browsers, with a single, portable test script.
  • Keyword-driven testing Enables users with different roles to collaborate quickly and efficiently to produce high quality software at high speed.
  • Mobile Support Leverage your existing scripts to gain confidence in your mobile web applications and extend Silk Test’s cross browser testing to mobile devices.
  • Role-Based Testing Whatever your role, Silk Test provides an interface to suit you – whether it’s visual, script based or IDE powered.
  • Test Any ApplicationValidate state-of-the-web applications or rich-client applications. Silk Test supports a broad range of technologies for effective functional testing.
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    Parasoft Products
    • SOAtest
    • Virtualize

    Fully integrated API and web service testing tool

    Why choose SOAtest?

  • Expand testing capabilities to cover front-end and back-end testing
  • Enable continuous testing across REST & SOAP APIs, UIs, and databases

  • Features of SOAtest

  • Single, intuitive interface covering testing from microservices to mainframe
  • Change management to continuously monitor quality
  • Utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) for generating comprehensive test scenarios
  • Support for 120+ message formats and protocols
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    Service Virtualization to overcome time, expense, and access constraints

    Why choose Virtualize?

  • Simulate services by capturing live system behavior in a virtualized service environment
  • Ease-of-use, with no scripting required

  • Features of Virtualize:

  • Virtual test environments to enable testing anytime and anywhere
  • Prototype, simulate, and isolate code from constrained dependencies
  • Test without using sensitive data by creating virtual test data
  • Support for 120+ message formats and protocols
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