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University of Alabama
University of Alabama

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Bevill State
Bevill State Community College

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Borland Products
Borland Software

Borland is our partner

DeRisk QA is a proud partner with Borland Software Corporation and a reseller of their tools.

  • Atlas
  • Caliber
  • Silk Test

The collaborative, flexible, agile requirements & delivery platform.
Why choose Atlas?

  • Eliminates confusion between business teams and Agile teams
  • Enables synchronization between product teams and agile teams
  • Creates collaborative & responsive SDLC with real-time delivery status

  • Features for the requirements lifecycle

  • Gather Capture your ideas through concepts within collections
  • Define Organize and structure your work into requirements
  • Plan Prioritize and plan your requirements
  • Track Track your requirements delivery process
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    Manage Agile requirements through visualization and collaboration.
    Why choose Caliber?

  • Ensures compliance and alignment of development to your business needs
  • Facilitates stakeholder collaboration, rich visualization, robust management, and traceability of requirements to Agile delivery plans
  • Enables you to deliver software with greater precision

  • Features of Caliber

  • Requirements management Capture requirements with Caliber's rich authoring tools and manage the requirements with version control, traceability, impact analysis, and requirement reuse.
  • Requirements visualization Visualize requirements as interactive, testable user flows to increase clarity and precision.
  • Traceability and real-time impact analysis Caliber provides automatic generation and reporting of customized trace tables.
  • Collaboration and review Facilitate collaboration across business stakeholders with Caliber Review.
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    Automated functional and regression testing for enterprise software applications.
    Why choose Silk Test?

  • Enables users to test applications more effectively with lower complexity and cost in comparison to other functional testing tools on the market.
  • Allows business stakeholders, QA engineers, and developers to contribute to the whole automation testing process, which drives collaboration and increases the effectiveness of software testing.

  • Features of Silk Test

  • Cross Browser Testing Easily verify the functionality of even the most advanced web application across a variety of browsers, with a single, portable test script.
  • Keyword-driven testing Enables users with different roles to collaborate quickly and efficiently to produce high quality software at high speed.
  • Mobile Support Leverage your existing scripts to gain confidence in your mobile web applications and extend Silk Test’s cross browser testing to mobile devices.
  • Role-Based Testing Whatever your role, Silk Test provides an interface to suit you – whether it’s visual, script based or IDE powered.
  • Test Any ApplicationValidate state-of-the-web applications or rich-client applications. Silk Test supports a broad range of technologies for effective functional testing.
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    Micro Focus Products
    Micro Focus

    Micro Focus is our partner

    DeRisk QA is a proud partner with Micro Focus and a reseller of their tools.

    • Enterprise
    • Visual COBOL
    • Rumba
    • CORBA

    The Micro Focus Enterprise product set tackles the application modernization needs of IBM mainframe PL/I and COBOL development and delivery teams.
    Why choose Enterprise?

  • Ensure a thorough understanding of the application portfolio at both management and technical levels
  • Expand the skills pool by bringing modern development and testing techniques to the mainframe environment
  • Exploit z System flexibility and contemporary tooling to provide unrivalled development, testing and workload optimization environments
  • Enable choice for modernizing mainframe applications

  • Features of Enterprise

  • Dramatically increase development, testing and service delivery throughout
  • Improve IT and business agility
  • Make significant efficiency gains and reduce operating costs
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    Visual COBOL is the next generation toolset for COBOL application development. It brings the power of Visual Studio and Eclipse to COBOL development and offers the broadest choice of deployment platforms including Windows, Unix, Linux, .NET, JVM, and the Cloud.

    Why choose Visual COBOL?

  • Market leading efficiency gains
  • Multi language collaboration
  • Industry leading IDE integration
  • Support for disruptive technology integration including Mobile and Cloud
  • New platform and managed code support

  • How Visual COBOL reinforces the key attributes of COBOL:

  • Future Proof
  • Portability
  • Fitness for purpose
  • Readability
  • Heritage
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    To more than three million users, Rumba is proven, popular technology.
    Why choose Rumba?

  • Gain and save
    Swapping your current terminal emulator for Rumba could halve your costs and boost productivity.
  • Affordable and code-free
    The next generation of Rumba is within everyone's reach. And because it needs no new code, anyone can deploy it.
  • Friendly user interface
    Your entire application made more usable with all the features and controls of Windows. As simple as drag and drop.
  • Go mobile
    Your host application is available wherever, whenever. Enjoy full functionality, whatever the device.

  • Features of Rumba

  • Connection to multiple sessions simultaneously through tabs, or choose to show multiple sessions in one window. The ability to access multiple applications at once and easily navigate to the window session as needed.
  • Recording of all activities for history, compliance, activity monitoring, or training purposes.
  • Certified for Windows 7 and Windows 8, including support for functions such as snap, enhanced power management, problem step, recorder and roaming user support.
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    If information is the lifeblood of your enterprise then your systems are the arteries. They must work without barriers across all technologies, operating systems, hardware platforms, and programming languages.

    Why choose CORBA?

    The Micro Focus Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA) portfolio – Orbacus, Orbix, VisiBroker, OpenFusion and Artix is the heartbeat of around 600 successful enterprise customers. They include large multinational telecommunications, financial services, manufacturing and government organisations. They want vital distributed services, such as transactions, security, and messaging. They need to meet demanding requirements for scalability, performance, and deployment flexibility. Put Micro Focus CORBA at the heart of your system architecture.

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    SmartBear Products
    SmartBear Software

    SmartBear is our partner

    DeRisk QA is a proud partner with SmartBear and a reseller of their tools.

    • TestComplete
    • Collaborator
    • SoapUI

    TestComplete Platform, helps you create repeatable and accurate automated tests across multiple devices, platforms, and environments easily and quickly.

    Why choose TestComplete?

  • Speed Time to Delivery
  • Improve Release Quality
  • Reduce Testing Costs
  • Perform Continuous Integration

  • Features of TestComplete

  • Support for multiple scripting languages
  • Record robust automated tests without knowing scripting
  • Write regression tests that don’t fail when UI changes
  • Perform Data Driven testing
  • Create custom plugins and extensions
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    Collaborator is a code review tool that helps development, testing and management teams work together to produce high quality code.

    Why choose Collaborator?

  • Improve Code Quality and Design
  • Improve Agility through Collaboration Across Functional Teams and Locations
  • Generate Metrics to Improve Process and Verify Compliance
  • Accelerate Team Member Onboarding

  • Features of Collaborator

  • Collaborate On Artifacts
  • Customize Fields & Workflow
  • Manage Regulatory Compliance
  • Improve Processes with Reporting
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    The world's most popular API testing tool, trusted by industry leaders and community members.
    Why choose SoapUI?

  • Easy Test Scenario Creation
  • Automate testing to reduce errors
  • Play well with others
  • Increase API quality beyond functional testing

  • Features of SoapUI

  • Simple Functional API Testing
  • Advanced Functional API Testing
  • Automated API Testing
  • Point-and-Click Testing
  • Data Driven Tests
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