Our Quality Assurance analysis, assessment and benchmarking services include:

  • QA cost and budget
  • QA tester experience – Is your team up to industry standard?
  • Automated testing tool evaluation – ROI and cost effectiveness
  • People, skills, and organizational model
  • Future of QA and current team - Is your team profitable?
  • Proper management of outsourced team
  • QA testing assessments can be conducted in tandem with other IT analysis, assessments, or transformation initiatives, or as stand-alone analysis services. To conduct assessments, analyses, and benchmarking initiatives, DeRisk QA uses a robust and propriety database including over 10 years of industry, market, government, service provider, and technology vendor data.

    In all of our assessments, we utilize a non-prescriptive, fact-based approach to independently assess and analyze performance. Our extremely detailed executive-level and tactical findings reports align recommendations to help our clients take advantage of emerging trends and derive more business value from IT.

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