Agile and Offsite Quality Assurance

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Many companies have shifted their software development methodology from the traditional waterfall process to the Agile process, a shift that has called into question the feasibility of offsite team members (offshore teams in particular). How can offsite Quality Assurance contribute to a process where communication and collaboration is essential?

DeRisk IT Inc. has the solution: onshore, offsite functional testers who are experienced in Agile projects. Our software testers have had the benefit of working in numerous, successful Agile projects over the past few years, and have even worked with clients to make the transition from a traditional to an Agile methodology. Collaboration between our software testers and your team won't be hindered by language barriers, cultural differences, or extreme time zone differences. We work the same hours as your team to ensure efficient teamwork and ample time for communication.

Software testers from DeRisk IT Inc. will attend and participate in the scrum meetings via web conferencing or conference calls. Our testers will also be able to converse with your team members through video conferencing, phone calls, instant messaging, and email, providing the cohesiveness and immediate linkage necessary for an Agile project.

If delivering functioning software with improved quality and a faster time to market is your goal, DeRisk IT Inc. can help you achieve it. Together, we will make it work. Ask us how we can help you get your Agile project on the right track!

Note: DeRisk IT is now known as DeRisk QA.