DeRisk QA looks at the top search terms directing users to sites similar to your website, and determining what those top sites are doing right and wrong in terms of their SEO. Then, we consider key questions regarding your website:

  • Is the site targeting the right phrases and keywords?
  • Is the site structured in the most effective way possible?
  • Is there anything on the site that would prevent a good ranking?
  • With this information, we can implement a solution to optimize your site to its fullest potential. DeRisk QA will then test meta tags, alt tags, titles, HTML source code, web page sizes, different font images, content-to-code ratio, URL direction, and descriptions. We also address the external factors such as making sure links with correct anchor text to the client website are created, any social media tie-ins are used, and that the client site is posted to portals and directories.

    The end result is promoting your search engine ranking, leading to more traffic for your website, an increase in sales and revenue, and a Return on Investment. Contact us to discuss your SEO analysis.