Derisking: Addressing the Problem of Risk in the SDLC

Note: DeRisk IT is now known as DeRisk QA.

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The vast majority of IT projects still fail to deliver acceptable, high quality systems on time and within budget. This has an immediate negative impact on costs and revenue and increases time to production and time to market. Most defects are commonly discovered late in the development cycle, often in production, which exponentially escalates the cost of fixing the defects. All of this results in compromised customer satisfaction, diminishing loyalty and causes a negative impact on downstream revenue.

By derisking, DeRisk IT Inc. empowers our clients to take total control of their IT environments. Derisking combines tools, consulting services and experience to provide strategic QA solutions throughout each phase of the software development lifecycle. This provides for early detection and prevention of problems, mitigating risks that have the potential for causing disastrous effects on a software development project. Surprises dictate reactive behavior. Derisking focuses on reducing or altogether eliminating the common surprises encountered during application development. By eliminating surprise, we greatly reduce the probability of failure and empower our clients to be proactive. Combined with good testing practices, much of the failure can be avoided by pro-actively identifying, planning for and dealing with risk rather than waiting for problems to occur and then trying to react.

Derisking IT comprises risk analysis, factoring, and modeling (to reduce risk) at the corporate level, and at a project level results in the proactive use of testing tools and methodologies to ensure on-time completion to the right specification. The company was founded to meet market demand for more cost effective IT project implementation and operation. It draws on the 200+ years cumulative IT risk management and systems testing experience of its executive and operational teams.

Since the company was incorporated, DeRisk IT Inc. has formed strategic partnerships with the world's leading QA software companies, plus ongoing relationships with market leading systems integrators and ERP software companies. The deployment of our QA Process and Methodology brings efficient use of valuable resources to deliver industrial strength application systems and their associated environments. We have specific expertise in all of the major software testing tools. The DeRisk IT Inc. Solution brings the confidence and security needed in delivering enterprise computer systems in today's demanding market.

Please read the DeRisk IT Inc. Advantage for an overview of DeRisk IT Inc.'s services and ways to contact us.